Happy President’s Day

Happy President’s Day from the Presidents!

Some President’s are happier than others.  They are all celebrating in their own way 🙂



Thanks to the Hoax (not) that is climate change our winter weather patterns aren’t exactly average.

So first it was 59 degrees.  We had a little rain.

Then it clear up.  It was 40 degrees and sunny.  We all got outside because the weather folks said it was going to snow.

The sky was blue and the sun shining high in the sky, gorgeous!

It started snowing just a few hours later.  It was a beautiful snow.  It clung to the trees and grass to paint such a wonderful winter landscape!

Bjorn was loving the snow.  We’ve had a lot of rain but not so heavy on the snow.  Being Norwegian and loving the Winter Olympics he is loving this little taste of the season 🙂

Mr. Nigel Murray Loves The Olympics

It’s all about Curling for Mr. Nigel Murray.

Mikey loves all the sports.  He’s really digging the medal ceremonies.  Just to see the joy from winning a medal gives him the warm and fuzzies 🙂

Bones loves that they get stuffed animals.  Warm and Fuzzies 🙂

Nothing On TV

Wade, Dick and I were watching Shaun White in the Olympics for a while but got bored.  There was a TBS Big Bang Marathon going on so we jumped in and then got bored again.

Wade wanted to watch Wonder Woman but we were like blah.  In short, it was a really boring evening.

They just can’t handle how good I look in my super hero get up…check out my abs.  I know it, you’re jealous too!