What Happened to Juno?

The boys were asking me why they name storms?  Got me.

SAM_0776 (400x300)

Arvid digs the snow.  Although, he was disappointed we didn’t get 2 ft. of snow as predicted :(

SAM_0737 (400x300)

Geisel told me it reminded him of his life in the Black Forest.  Beautiful and wintery are two words he used to describe today.

SAM_0774 (400x300)

George told me he’s more excited it’s National Chocolate Cake Day than the snow.  George always with the sweets that one!

SAM_0773 (400x300)

Carl doesn’t care snow or no snow.  He’s out of the jar he was trapped in when we found him.  Freedom and fresh air are all that matter to him these days!

George the Snow Lord

SAM_0724 (400x300)

George was out playing in the snow before it melts.

SAM_0721 (400x300)

What George doesn’t know is we are getting 12″ more tonight, lol.  Ssh, don’t tell him.  It will be a wonderful suprise!


Arvid came to us in December.  He actually arrived in August but he’s been very quiet.  Now he’s all about “Hey, check me out”!


He’s a cute little guy.  His parents were family friends of the Maelstroms and so he came to visit Me, Bjorn, Ingrid and Boone for a while.


He’s pretty funny and likes to hide out then pop-up when you least expect it.  Very much a Hide-n-Seek kind of Troll.
We are so happy he’s come to stay with us and can’t wait to see what kind of Adventures he gets into.

Sign Blending…It’s What’s Trending

Sometimes we see these signs and just add ourselves to the mix.  Like this…

IMG_2287 (400x300)
Lewis tried to be all 1940’s but he’s too colorful I think, lol.

IMG_2288 (400x300)
Patty did better with this blending of a 1940’s War Bond poster.  We’ve discovered Museums are the best for blending.  And hey it makes us learn something too.  Win/Win!  Yeah!

The Girls Go To The Beach

It was a rainy day but we went to see the ocean while we were in town.

IMG_2215 (400x300)
IMG_2223 (400x300)
IMG_2218 (400x300)
IMG_2224 (400x300)

It was a good weekend rain or no rain.  Can’t wait to come back very soon because the beach is amazing!

Sadness Prevails

Now that World Cup is over the kids do not have anything to argue about, lol!

20140701_162902 (400x300)

Oh Well…I guess it will be quiet in the house now, lol.

Garden Festival Time!

IMG_0232 (400x300)

The CH Garden Festival was in full swing yesterday even though it rained.  It was still a good day!

IMG_0234 (400x300)

Real flowers against art = Awesomeness!

IMG_0244 (300x400)

The Roomies bought some new Fairy Houses for the multitudes that have gathered at our house.  J is all like “the more the merrier” but that’s because she doesn’t have to share a bathroom with the merrier.  I’m just grumpy today.

IMG_0210 (400x300)

Bjorn digging the stroll.

IMG_0217 (400x300)

Ingrid had a blast.  This was her first Garden Festival.  She enjoyed the May pole Dancers the most.  She said it really reminded her of visiting Teddy in Germany in the Spring :)

The crowds eventually showed up and the weather cleared up and we went on to your next activity.  It was a good day :)

Springing Into Spring

It’s still a bit cold in our part of the globe but we all got excited when we saw the flowers starting to bloom.  It meant that Spring was springing!

IMG_9754 (400x295)

Thad loved the daffodils!

IMG_9812 (400x299)

Ingrid always loves going to the arboretum.  It reminds her so much of Norway and the Fjords and forests.

IMG_9755 (400x300)

Even with the cooler weather how could one not enjoy such an outing?

IMG_9793 (400x300)

So much fun.  I hope you get to go out and smell the flowers too!

Vegas Baby!

The Gang joined Bjorn on a mini break to Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was amazing!

20140408_093833 (329x400)
We had a layover in St. Louis.  So technically we were all in St. Louis…totally counts, lol.

20140408_144330 (300x400)
Let’s get to the gaming already!
IMG_9666 (400x300)
Shelly got some really good food at Le Burger Brasserie.

IMG_9719 (400x300)

20140409_135805 (300x400)

IMG_9607 (400x300)
Bjorn atop of the Stratosphere!

IMG_9605 (400x300)

Vegas was a blast.  Like they say…What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, lol!

Hey Ingrid Hey

Bjorn sister has come to town and she’s liking it so much she has decided to stay.  I’m just an elf/gnome so I’m always a little leery of new comers but I sure do like her.  She’s such a sweet gal from the forest.

20140325_185519 (400x300)

She arrived just as we were having our 17th snow fall of the season.  It may be mathematically spring but the snow makes me think that Winter just doesn’t want to let go.

20140325_190617 (400x300)

Luckily for the Roomie it was more a “pretty” snow than a messy one.

20140325_190415 (300x400)

I love spring like most folks but I’m going to miss the beauty that snow offers.  It’s like the paint to the canvas of a landscape painting.  The warmth will be nice but from this old Elf/Gnome each season brings with it new possibilities, new beauties and new adventures.  I’m glad Ingrid is going to stick around to share all this with us :)


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