Just a little Taste of the Past

This is me at Disney World’s Epcot Norway!

Hi my name is Bjorn.  I’ve been traveling with my friends since we first met in 2004 and six years later we are still traveling.  We’ve even added a new mate along the road.  His name is Mick Mouse and he came to our group in 2009 during another wonderful visit to the most magical place on earth…Disney World!  Which is totally cool because that’s were my adventure began too.  I used to live on a shelf in Epcot’s Norway until my friends took me with them.  The rest is just one big ball of fun.

In 2009,  I suffered two broken arms and although I still travel it’s a bit harder to get around town so sometimes I sit out the adventure.  That’s were Mick comes in because he’s a much more hearty fellow so I’ll take my place when the travels look a bit to rugged.

Come on and join us on our crazy adventures!


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