Hey Look Snow…again!

Mick and I were on our way out to work this morning and yes it was again snowing in Pennsylvania!  So far to date we’ve had 73.1″  and that is not including the supposed 6-12″ we will receive today thru tomorrow.  It’s all good except I had left my scarf in the car so when I went outside it was a little colder than I expected.  Being that I’m Norwegian I can handle it a lot better than Mick can, you know since he grew up in Florida. 

It makes me think back to our trip to Orlando last year.  It was sweet.  I had so much fun going back to Epcot to see my old pals and just ride Space Mountain again.  Pretty Cool.  Mick is more a water parks kind of guy but you know I think there is nothing better than Soarin’.  Flying high over California, smelling the pines and the fruit trees, is just, well, WOW!  It’s J’s favorite place on earth to visit so we kind of go there a lot.

I liked my trip in 2008 when I went with other friends to Utah, Colorado and Nevada.  It was very colorful and did you know in one of the hotels there has a Krispy Kreme machine in the hotel.  Seriously….how awesome is that!?!  Yeah, wicked awesome!

What can I say every day is an adventure when you are a Norwegian Troll 😉


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