Another Nor’Easter blew into town.  I think this is our 4th with snow but we’ve been having them since about November.  In November and December they were massive rain events.  Let’s just say I do not want to hear about a drought this summer.

I’m really hoping to get out and play in the snow today.  I did manage to get in a snow angel before starting my work day.  It’s good to feel like a junior Troll everyone once an a while.

My homeland of Norway is doing pretty good in the Olympics in Vancouver.  What can I say my people are built for rugged snow conditions.  We’ve got a total of 19 medals so far.  Gratulasjoner Norge!!!!  My new home country isn’t doing to bad either.  The USA has 32 medals to date.  It’s all been rather exciting! Må se fjernsyn.

Well I’m sure I’ll have lots more pictures and stories about the snow.  Have a safe day!

Remembering my trip to very warm Arizona!!!


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