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Weekend Adventures

Wow it was a beautiful weekend!  We took full advantage of it!  We headed over to the Eastern State Penitentiary in Fairmount on Saturday.  Got up early because the warmer weather brings everyone outside so the Roomie wanted to avoid any crowds.  She’s not a fan of crowds.  So much history.

First we got some breakfast at Bruno’s, eggs and pork roll baby!

Then we headed in town for some historical site seeing…ESP was massive and interesting.  I felt 4-1/2″ tall next to the building.  Oh, wait, I am only 4-1/2″ tall.  You get my point though.

The place was a little spooky because it’s all dilapidated and also because the Roomie makes me watch those scary Ghost Hunting shows on Television.  I know what’s up with that!?!

The only sucktacular thing about visiting the Prison was I lost my sunglasses somewhere inside.  A friend of mine said it was probably the ghosts who stole them.  All I know is they were some stylin’ shades and now I’ve got to get another pair.  Which is very difficult because they just don’t have Troll sunglasses at the dollar store.  You know what I’m saying?

After we left Fairmount we headed to The Falls to Laurel Hill to check out Phillies Great Harry Kalas’ burial site.  The Roomie’s got some weirdo thing with cemeteries.  She just loves them.  I personally thinks she’s nuts but it was a great day and she drove so what the hey.  It was actually pretty cool.  Very baseball legend.

While driving home we got a quick picture with Advertising legends Manny, Moe and Jack.    Yeah I’m cool like that.  I’m working my way through Advertising Legends…first Ronald McDonald now Manny, Moe and Jack.  I can’t wait to met that famous Keebler Elf guy…he’s go cookies.

Good weekend…very good weekend!



Hi my name is Bjorn Maelstrom. This blog follows my many adventures. I've been to 16 different states since coming to America. After I suffered two fractured arms I've had to slow down a big but my friends Mick, Alistair, Chris, Hazel, Frank and a bunch of others have graciously said they would continue my adventures. Not that I'm going away completely. Sometimes we travel together sometimes separately but no matter where we go it's always a good time.

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