Don’t Mess with The Science Geek

Today’s adventure took me back to the City for some more Museum fun.  It started with a visit to the Academy of Natural Sciences.

This place is really cool.  They have Dinosaurs and Dinosaur bones and stuff.  Look at this picture of me being eaten by a T-Rex 🙂

They even had a butterfly exhibit that was pretty cool.  You go into this really hot room and the butterflies are just buzzing around all over the place.  Very cool stuff!

Then I headed over to the Fountain that some of you might recognized from the movie “The Sixth Sense“.

Then I headed to the Franklin Institute.  The place was mobbed with people but it was still fun and the Roomie only complained a little.  I would have given her a hard time but she was pretty sick with a migraine by this point.  She hung in there though.

Bjorn and the Giant Heart

Today was a great day in the city.  There is so much more to see and I can’t wait to jump on to what’s hiding in Old City.

Welcome to the major metropolis we call " In Town"

I can’t imagine what’s up for tomorrow 😉


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