Flowers and Trees and Beer…OH MY!


Today the Roomie and I went on another weekend adventure.  This time we went to Morris Arboretum.  The Cherry Blossoms were blossoming and the Forsythias were Forsythiasing. It was a beautiful day for a walk along the garden paths.  They have everything there as far as trees and plants but they’ve also got water features and giant nests in the sky.  There is this scaffolding that towers over the small valley.  It offered amazing views of the local college as well as the trees and other flora dotting the landscape.

Hitching a ride on the MA cart.

The most amazing part for me was the fact that every part of the gardens had little hidden treasures.  In one part there was two life size statues of John and Lydia Morris.  They looked over a field surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

John Morris and Bjorn survey the landscape

I took time to smell the Magnolias.  There was a cove that had a plethora of Magnolia trees and the fragrance was delightful.  It was a little courtyard that opened to a water feature.  It sure was pretty!

I didn’t get the names of these potted beauties but I thought they looked like they were smiling.  Smiling flowers…can you stand the cuteness!

Bjorn and the Smiling Flowers

Later I went to Wegmans for the first time.  Very cool store.  Did you know you can buy beer there?  How awesome is that…Drunken food shopping.  It’s pure genius!  We ate dinner there too.  It was like visiting a food amusement park 😉

For a night capper I bought a bottle of beer with a picture that kind of looked like me…you know if I was all evil and like brandished a sword and stuff!

And then I went to bed and I hope to sleep in tomorrow.  To think this is only half the stuff I did today!  I’ll continue with this adventure tomorrow!  G’night ya’ll!!!

p.s.  No, I’m not southern but I did stay at a Holiday in once.


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