Flowers and Trees and Beer…Part Two

The Bike that goes Nowhere

We took so many pictures yesterday, 200 in fact, and I wanted to share some more of the fun.  The next couple are from Morris Arboretum.  Yeah…it’s a cool place to go read or think or have a coke like in the commercials.

Taking time to smell the Cherry Blossoms

Bjorn and John Morris

Me as Ground Cover

Tranquility has landed

I couldn’t miss the annual Easter Egg Hunt at my friend’s house so I pushed the Roomie along, you know, because she’s a slacker type.  Ever since my blog came out my friends are all…take a picture with me Bjorn.  What’s a narcissistic Troll to do but to give the people what they want…ME!

My Friends...Happy Easter Yo's!

I’m like 300 years old so I’m not exactly part of the hunters of eggs.  Apparently it’s a children’s activity.  I had no idea but I found these two eggs anyway.  They weren’t mind but it wasn’t going to stop me from hunting.  Dude I’m a Troll…this is what we do in the forest.

Easter Egg Hunt 2010


Total funness!  I look forward to the Egg Hunt every year!  Fun, Friends and eggs…what’s not to like!

I totally got drunk...this beer is double my size.

Later I got all drunk on my Evil Twin Beer.  I don’t know about you but my Saturday was Flipping Awesome!


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