One Ring To Rule Them All

I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’m a Troll.  Oh…you have heard, good.   My Roomie and I played Lord of the Rings, The Troll Version today at lunch.  I blame all the beautiful weather and fresh air on our little exploits.  Seriously, Hobbits are over rated.  Trolls are the real deal baby!  We do have some things in common though, like, our ears and big feet.  We both do not like shoes and we live in similar areas.  For the record Fjords are way better than Shires any day!

Lord of the Trolls

Revenge of the Fjord

After we were done RPGing the Lord of the Trolls we did headstands for fun.

Ta Da!!!!!

Hey ya’ll, I’m so ready for America’s Got Talent!  Can Norwegian’s compete in that?  I’ll pretend I’m American, after all I do say ya’ll and yo a lot so I’m like American by Osmosis.


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