The Sunburned Troll

OMG was it awesome today or was it awesome today?  Yep…wicked awesome!   The sunrises the last couple of mornings have been nothing short of spectacular and the days so warm that I think my nose got sunburned today at lunch.

Here Comes The Sun

The beautiful sunrise was where my perfect day ended.  I was trying to deal with the Walker Clips and things got a little out of hand.  I offer exhibit A)


So at lunch time while the Roomie was off skipping and running over little old ladies while skipping I was playing Rock Band…okay I didn’t have my Wii but think of it as the Rolling Stone version of Rock Band.  The part were I do a photo shoot and say slurry inappropriate things.  I did my best at being Keith Richards but I’m not sure I totally pulled it off because I didn’t have my guitar with me.  Maybe I can bring it tomorrow and take some more pictures and then serenade the masses with my rendition of ‘Bjorn to be Wild’!

Bjorn To Be Wild

Tonight I’m going to party like it’s 1919.


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