Rainy Days and Mondays…No Really

It’s raining today which is a really good thing.  It was so unseasonably warm this weekend that the pollen count was wicked high.  This of course means nothing to me since I lived in the forest for like 299 years.  Pollen, smollen…I’m good.  The Roomie…not so much.  She whined when she walked the dogs and she whined when she went to the store.  Frankly, I found her extremely annoying all weekend and if my legs were long enough I would have driven off to some adventure without the turkey!  But they aren’t and well, that sucks!

I watched Super Hero movies with Alistair while the Roomie took something called Benadryl.  Some how Alistair got it into his mind that Superman needed a sidekick.  Super Troll?  Yeah that so has a ring to it (insert eye roll here).

Super Troll?

Any way most of the weekend was kind of quiet.  I think I might play in the puddles later…care to join me?


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