Kenny From South Park or Lady Gaga?

We went to the Mall last night and The Roomie bought me a hoodie.  Like most of my clothes it was too big but I tried it on anyway.  I was going for gangsta yo but I thought I looked more like Lady Gaga.  D said I looked like Kenny from South Park.  Doesn’t Kenny get killed in every episode?

So you decide…

Kenny or Lady decide

While at the Mall I was going to pop in to the local recruiting office but D kept telling me I was too short to be a Marine.

Semper Fi

I forgot I can’t be a Marine because I’m not a US Citizen.  Dude I would be so awesome at being a soldier.  D still said even if I could be in the military it wouldn’t change the fact I’m vertically challenged.

After the Mall we played in the grass, which is totally what Trolls do!  D gave me bunny ears because she thought a Troll with bunny ears was funny.  Now I know how Willow felt.

All in All…a good day 🙂


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