My First Election Day

So you know how I’m Norwegian and all?  Good.  I’ve never celebrated an election day ever so when the Roomie was going to vote I was all…can I go too.

It was pouring down rain which didn’t bother me at all and the Roomie seemed kind of indifferent to it all.  The weirdo likes long walks in the rain, WTH?  Anyway, the voting place wasn’t what I expected at all.  She voted in a Barn…A BARN!  That’s country living yo’s!

This is a place of voting...and other stuff

But there were cool stuff too like a little park that I wanted to go play on but the Roomie was all…IT’s RAINING!!!  So I didn’t get to play but I did have my picture taken and stuff.

Check out this Slide!

I did swinging…
And then I saw the sign 😦

Age Discrimination y'all!

Over all my first voting experience was pretty good.

p.s. Flyers ROCK!!!


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