Philly Is So Cool

As the Roomie was driving to work we stopped at the local fast food franchise for some tasty but unhealthy morsals when I saw this….

The Philadelphia Realestate market

I’ve never seen anything like this on the fjord.  In fact I had to have the Roomie explain to me who Angelo Bruno was and what a ‘Mob’ was.  All I can say is Holy Lingonberris youse guys!

Then we spent the rest of the ride discussing Mob nicknames.

  • Angelo Bruno aka The Gentle Don
  • Antonio Capranigro aka Tony Bananas
  • Phillip Testa aka Chicken Man
  • Nicodemo Scarfo aka Little Nicky
  • Joseph Merlino aka Skinny Joey

I’m not sure what my Mob nickname would be.  Probably something obvious like Bjorn Maelstrom aka “The Norwegian”.

On non-mob related news…LET’S GO FLYERS!!!

Let's Go Flyers....God Bless Kate Smith!

I still have some love for the Phillies.  They’ve got some issues and YES the Mets beat us but it was a viral thing and they will work out their problems.  I’m still their fan too!

Summer is here.


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