Gonna Be A Rock Star…maybe?

I like to pretend I have musicality.  The key word is pretend.  I’ve found I’m more a car singer than an actual singer.  I love to play the guitar but I can’t actually say I’m playing a recognizable song.  Mostly I’m just jumping up and down doing my best Pete Townsend.

Look out Rock Star Guy...um...person type!

You’d have to admit that I have the look of a rock star.  If Keith Richards was a Troll I’m confident we would look like twins!  But then again if I was a smart human I’d look like Albert Einstein not that it has anything to do with being a Rock Star.  Oh look cookies…

Wait…where was I…oh yeah…Me as a Rock Star.  I’m thinking American Idol as my first foray in to the land of musical giants.  how many tone-deaf, guitar playing with thumbs trolls do they have try out for that show.  Right…I’m a shoe in!!!

Oh Ellen…I’m ready for my close up!


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