That’s Fire Troll to you Pally!

Today at work we had a little excitement.  Who am I kidding it’s the biggest thing to happen in this small town since the motor cycle parade!

Sexy Fireman Alert!

Yes you guessed it…it was a car fire.  I know what I want to do with the next, like, 20 years…I want to be a Fire Troll.  Not a Troll who sets fires but on that puts them out.  I didn’t realize Firemen could wear shorts so once I saw this I was all…Word that’s what I’m gonna do for like the next 20 years!

Wait…someone told me that you have to lug heavy hoses and stuff.  Yeah okay, I changed my mind.  I’m going to go back to be a load of a Troll.  Who took my Tasteycake?


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