Weekends are made for Rum

I had a blast this weekend with the Roomie and Bean.  We went on a car ride and Bean said because of my height I had to sit in the back seat.  I’m like 400 years old but she wasn’t hearing any of it.  It was all Safety First Bjorn…

We went to lunch in Philly with Bean’s BFF and the restaurant was pretty cool.  Roomie had been there before but I haven’t and hello it’s all about me people!

When we were driving home I saw a blimp…Yeah it was awesome.  We don’t get many blimps on the Fjords!

The blimp is on the left…the other one is just my bulbous head!

Well I’m off on vacation with my peeps so I’ll have lots of pictures when I get back…Have a good week y’all!


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