Bjorn Goes On Vacation – Part 2 – Subsection 18C

My adventure continues here at the Marina.  That’s were those piranhas carp were.  We had the most spectacular boat…Cover Dweller #11 to be exact.  I can’t even express how awesome a feeling it is just cruising up and down the lake.

The Marina...Home Base...a place to feed piranhas

That water is deeper than you think...HA HA HA HA!

We hung out on boat while Captain Ron got all of the stuff together that Captains need to do.  See behind me…that’s where the Roomie dropped her cell phone into 30 ft. of water.  She got really drunk after that little maneuver so I just stayed away from her.  What can I say, the woman has issues.

There were some safety signs that I thought I should probably adhere too.

Safety First y'all!

The swimming was awesome!

Swimming all day....yeah it rocks!

Yeah...I know...I should have been a swimsuit Model...I know it...I'm hot!

Soaking up the sun on deck

I hung out with Captain Ron while he took us around to all the sites on the lake.

Bjorn and Captain Ron...Together Again!

Hanging out with Popa D who just happened to be the First Mate on our vessel

Stay Tuned to Part 3…Yep there will be a part 3 😉


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