The Original Willy Wonka

Hershey, Pennsylvania is like an actual place that resembles Willy Wonka’s Hometown.  There’s a big house, a factory and a massive load of chocolate.  I thought I saw Augustus Glup and his friends scrafing down a tone of chocolate on my way into town.

The Chocolate Factory

The Roomie wants to go back and hang out in the park for a bit so I think we will be road tripping in the spring.

I kind of look drunk in this picture.

The View of Hershey from the Hershey Hotel

I’m looking forward to my trip with Bean.  The Roomie’s jealous and I told her to suck it up dork.  Of course she told me that I can just order my own dinner.  Psst…like I don’t know where the take out menus are and how to use the phone, lol.


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