Back To Work Stan

But my name isn’t Stan???  It’s Chris.

That Data doesn't process itself!

Bjorn went on a trip to his homeland for some spelunking on the Fjords.   Before he left though we went to the Casino to win trip money.  We didn’t do too bad if I do say so myself.

How come they don't make a 'Gone Gambling' sign for the window?

I didn’t realize at the time that the Tourists recognized Bjorn until I saw this picture.  We can’t go anywhere without someone wanting to see him in all his hairiness.

I See Hobbitses

Bjorn thought I looked like a Hobbit.  I told him he’s a Hobbit to which he did not take kindly to the comparison.  It’s like being compared to a human idiot or a politician but I think they are the same thing…right?
So after we took like a zillion (actually 5) pictures some dude came around and told us there was no picture taking in the casino.  Um…okay.  I didn’t see a sign.  HA HA…We got some pictures!
This was the last picture taken before we headed back home for a nap and a beer…but not necessarily in that order.



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