Snow Today, Gone Never

It just keeps snowing in our part of the world.  What is with that?  We are living in the Mid-Atlantic States and it’s only supposed to snow moderately.  It just seems since I moved here in 2004 it seems the winters are more like my homeland of Norway than Mid-Atlantic States marginal snow days.  It’s all good though.  I’ve been itching to go for a nice cross country ski romp.

The snow started on Wednesday...

The first part of the snow was bigger than expected.  The weather guys got this totally wrong.  I know shocking right?  I’ve decided that I could be the weather troll on the street and maybe Chris could be the weather fairy on the go.   We couldn’t do a worse job.

Um...hey Chris...there's a...Nevermind

The Roomie was all about taking pictures yesterday.  Hi Mr. Plow!!!!

On The Street with Bjorn Maelstrom

The last picture of the day...

We had to go to work so all of the playing weather peoples had to come to an end :(***


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