On The Road Again

I wanted to give the Roomies a little privacy since they got married on Friday so when Roomie’s friend Scrappy suggested I stay with her for a few days I was like…perfect!  I didn’t really look forward to sleeping in the car again.  Yes I said again…that’s a different story.

Any way Scrappy and Mrs. Snugglebunny stayed at a hotel before heading back to their block of America.  Which was lovely 🙂

A freak Nor’Easter hit the east coast and we all got snow….IN OCTOBER!  Scrappy got a nice amount.  You know the kind you can play in.

I haven’t built a snowman since my days on the Fjords.  It was a lot of fun.  And Warren…don’t judge my art!!!

We got in some snowboarding too.    I got to hang out with Scrappy’s niece Miss Penelope Pitstop.  Her mustang was stuck in the garage because of the snow but she promised me a ride later.  Little does she know I like to go really fast…like up to 10 mph…cause I’m a daredevil troll!

I have more to share from my road trip so stay tuned!


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