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Bats Is Looking For His 3-Pack

Hey Dad...Do you think I'll ever have a 6-pack like yours?
Someday Sonny hard and drink lots of Ovaltine and you too will have a 6 or maybe even 9 pack.
Dad...who is this guy?
Oh Hi...I'm Sheldor...I'm getting my picture taken with Batman...go away litle Bat Boy...I'm getting my picture taken.
Sheldor is happy 😉
Okay kid...get in the picture...maybe you'll be famous one day too and then I'll have this picture.


Hi my name is Bjorn Maelstrom. This blog follows my many adventures. I've been to 16 different states since coming to America. After I suffered two fractured arms I've had to slow down a big but my friends Mick, Alistair, Chris, Hazel, Frank and a bunch of others have graciously said they would continue my adventures. Not that I'm going away completely. Sometimes we travel together sometimes separately but no matter where we go it's always a good time.

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