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Setting The Record Straight

So apparently Kick thought I was an “Undead American”.  I Rick George, am in fact not an Undead American but an Undead Brit.  ‘What you say?’  ‘A Brit you say?’

Yes it is true that I prefer tea to coffee and sausage with my brains.  I AM BRITISH!

God Save The Queen

I know because I moan a lot that sometimes its difficult to hear my accent but I do have one.  So now that I have cleared that mix up I will now take my leave.

Cheers Mate!



Hi my name is Bjorn Maelstrom. This blog follows my many adventures. I've been to 16 different states since coming to America. After I suffered two fractured arms I've had to slow down a big but my friends Mick, Alistair, Chris, Hazel, Frank and a bunch of others have graciously said they would continue my adventures. Not that I'm going away completely. Sometimes we travel together sometimes separately but no matter where we go it's always a good time.

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