Paging The Donner Party

We’ve had some snow of late.  Eddie wrote some dark prose about it and we were all…DUDE!

Oh Snow..You are both Beautiful and a stinking cold wench!

I love snow…but then again I’m a northern Troll so yeah…its all about the snow and the forest for me.

I think Jimmy was having visions of the Donner party.  At least that’s all he kept talking about.


Hey Jimmy...where did that Zombie come from? He kind of looks hungry.

Thanks for saving us from the Hungry Zombie but seriously...what the heck are you?

Jimmy: Ah the strong silent type. - Eddie: suck Jimmy.

Then Kick showed up and she got the show on the road.  It was a nice day for me but I think the Donner Party was preferring the hot chocolate back home.


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