Eddie & Jimmy: Now with More Zombies and Castles

We’ve been out and about these days and we came across this castle.

Eddie do you think we can go in...the door is open?

Eddie I kind of like it here.

This place is haunted...I can just feel it!

Dude you aren't that good-looking and you are totally creeping me out right now!

Hello Pretty Lady...

Our day at the castle wasn’t without mayhem.  The Zombies stormed the castle because they never did that before and some of the townies were freaked out but we know these Zombies so it was cool.

Eddie: Jimmy I asked you for a donut on Fat Tuesday and you bring me a spinning wheel? WTH? - Jimmy: You're Welcome!

Eddie: It was a great day at the Caste but I can't figure out where Kick came from because she wasn't even with us?

Wait till I show you the pictures of the Enchanted Toilet!


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