Eddie & Jimmy Go Out To Liner

The Roomies went to Joe’s Crabshack this weekend and of course we went too.  Dude I’m all about the seafood!

Eat at Joe's...so we did.

Jimmy...just get the crabs! It's a crabshack.

Um...the crabs...eat the crabs...not me as indicated.

I think I broke my hip Jimmy.

No...I don't need any help...you save yourself Jimmy...don't worry about me I'll just lay here and die.

Save it...I'm not talking to you anymore...you left me for dead and have no sense of SARCASM!!!

So dinner arrived and I was ignoring Jimmy for the rest of the meal because he thought my falling in a bucket was hysterical and I did not.  We were at an impasse.

Hey Eddie...I've fallen...can you save me?

No Jimmy…you falling in the trash bin after its full isn’t the same and you still suck!

If only this guy would eat Jimmy then he wouldn't suck so much, ha ha ha.

The Roomie said I wasn’t being nice by wanting Jimmy eaten by a shark.  Okay I might miss him a little.  I would have had more room.  Oh don’t worry Jimmy is in good health but he still sucks!

On the positive side I would very much recommend Joe’s Crab Shack.  The food is very tasty, the service is impeccable and the ambiance is spot on!


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