Bjorn is Back!

Yesterday I arrived home safe and sound from my Moosic Adventrues.  My new friends made sure my travel was comfortable.  Seriously…I slept the entire way home.

Bjorn...what's for Easter?

So apparently while I was away the Roomie rented out my room and my job to these new guys named Eddie and Jimmy.  We are still working out our sleeping arrangements but they seem okay.

Jimmy...who is this hairy guy again?

Sometimes its difficult being a celebrity but I’ve been managing.  The new guys aren’t used to my celebrity yet.  They will get it soon.

I do not care how famous this guy is I'm not giving up my bed. It's bad enough I have to share it with Jimmy.

I can’t wait to get back together with the old gang.  I’m sure they’ve missed me as much as the Roomie.


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