Never Trust A Zombie

Kick had some issues when she was visiting Jared the former Jurassic Park employee at his new job at Zombie World.  You know he had to find a new line of work when the Dinosaurs’ found a way.  Some how getting eaten by a giant lizard at work isn’t as appealing as it sounds.

So the important thing when visiting Zombie World Sister Kick is not to let them bite you. If they bite you it could lead you turning into a zombie and really does anyone want to see a Nun Zombie?

So why do Zombies bite anyway....

Okay of the zombies got loose...don't turn around!

but I want to see...I'm going to turn around now...

Gotch ya! Stay there Kick...I've got him!

"Oh no...I've fallen and I can't get up!"
No worries Kick...I got him. He's neutralized.

So the key to Zombie World is having worked with Zombies before. Good thing I had that Thriller Re-enactment experience. Anyway...thank you Jared for the tour and the saving my life and stuff. Boys and Girls when working with Zombies never turn your back on them. Now I'm ready to get the hell out of here!

Before leaving Zombie World Sr. Kickurass gave that zombie a detention…that will show him who he’s messing with!


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