California Dreamin’ – Bjorn Sees Dead People – L.A. Edition

Across the street from our hotel was The Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery.  Yup famous dead celebrities.  The Roomie has a thing about cemeteries so this was right up her alley and it was only a short trip so we were all in.

A View From one of many spectacular Mausoleums.


Al Jolesen's grave was grand and spectacular. He sits atop of this waterfall. Magnificent.

We Love You Al!!!

Aaron Spelling we miss you most of all

We all wanted to pay homage to the Great Aaron Spelling.  The man was a television genius and is truly missed.  He made us want to watch TV in the 70s and 80s.

We got lots of fresh air and sunshine while walking around these magnificent gardens.  We saw Michael Landon, Dinah Shore, Eddie Cantor (and family), Lorene Greene and Jack Benny to name a few.  It was the closest we got to big name celebrities our entire trip.


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