The Big Screen

I went to the movies with Bjorn’s pointy eared friend.  I’m not really sure where he came from or what he actually is.  It’s all rather confusing.  Bjorn has pointy ears and he’s a Troll and Chris has pointy ears and she’s a Fairy and this guy doesn’t look like either of them.  Oh well.  Until I figure him out here are some pictures from our adventure to the Movie Theater!

This is called The Big Bang Theory…humors…I like the that Sheldon humanoid.

I’ve met Spiderman and let’s just say he’s not as awesome as Batman but he’s okay. I’m just not sure I want to stand too close to him…you know because of the radiation. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t look good in green skin.

What’s behind me?!?

The Avengers was AWESOME…Go see it or forever be hearing how you missed the best movie of 2012.

This is my ticket to get into the theater to see the movie. I explained to that Penguin looking person I could just use a mind meld to get in but apparently she was adverse to this reasoning. So anyway…Look A TICKET!

Go see the movie…What are you still doing there…Robert Downey, Jr. needs more money people…go…go…go!!!


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