Not Your Ordinary Weather Guy

I’ve discovered that the weather in Pennsylvania isn’t much different from that of the weather in my homeland.  Yeah for me?  I’m not sure why but I always imagined sunshine and lollipops.  Oh well I make do.

It was kind of misty this morning.

was that lightning?!

Weather looks bad. Don’t go outside. Stay at home and eat pop tarts…how is that for a weather forecast?

The storms are a go-go.  Did you see this dinky umbrella…hey thanks guys I’m just mostly drenched and you guys are all dry…don’t worry I only hate lightning and stuff but I’m fine cause I’ve got this great umbrella.  Wait is this a drink umbrella?  You guys suck!

Any way.  Stay in today…have a little rest and maybe a grilled cheese for lunch.  Check back for further updates.

~ Teddy Malestrom…Weather Guy


Dude…the sun is out!


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