Really I Don’t Live Here

I know the movies have made it difficult for some of the “villagers” to grasp this but I do not live in a castle like this…

Seriously…it cold, dank and I’m sure there is a ton of mold in that place.  I’ve got a mold allergy so that would not work at all.  Plus I’m not a big fan of drafty, dank places.

This place has the creepy factor going for it but seriously unless it’s Halloween what would be the point.  Again this place looks very drafty.  I’m sure there is no insulation anywhere in that castle.  Growing up in Germany I understand cold winters.

This castle has some nice features and I bet there is a staff to clean and prepare meals.  You know like a hotel.  So apparently the best kind of castle is a 5 star hotel kind of Castle.  If you want creepy mixed in stay at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado…that place is haunted.

So not all “Frankenstein Creatures” like dank, creepy castles.  I prefer the beaches of New Jersey to Forests in Romania.  It’s just how I roll man!


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