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Sheldon Plays The Bongos…My New Neighbor

My New Neighbor Shelly plays the bongos and the theremin…which I had to look up to figure out what the heck that was and then I wondered why anyone would play that instrument.

I’m not sure who that little green guy is but I think he’s doing the “Little Teapot” while Shelly plays the bongos.  My neighbors are a little weird.  That’s saying a lot since I’m a brought back from the dead “monster”.  Just saying.



Hi my name is Bjorn Maelstrom. This blog follows my many adventures. I've been to 16 different states since coming to America. After I suffered two fractured arms I've had to slow down a big but my friends Mick, Alistair, Chris, Hazel, Frank and a bunch of others have graciously said they would continue my adventures. Not that I'm going away completely. Sometimes we travel together sometimes separately but no matter where we go it's always a good time.

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