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Autumn’s Leaves and Bjorn For President

Being from the forest lands I love this time of year.  It’s beautiful and the air smells sweet.  The light fades quickly now and the warmth of the afternoon sun dissipates just as quickly.  Yesterday I got to walk in the sun and look at the leaves.  It was a good time.

This last picture is from the bird watching tower.  Bird Watchers are an interesting breed of people.  Just saying.

If you can’t decide on a Presidential Candidate this November please consider my Cousin Bjorn Maelstrom.  Sure he wasn’t born here but still if he gets enough votes and wins wouldn’t they just have to change that portion of the Constitution?  All I ask is that you think about him as a write-in 🙂  Thank you for your support!



Hi my name is Bjorn Maelstrom. This blog follows my many adventures. I've been to 16 different states since coming to America. After I suffered two fractured arms I've had to slow down a big but my friends Mick, Alistair, Chris, Hazel, Frank and a bunch of others have graciously said they would continue my adventures. Not that I'm going away completely. Sometimes we travel together sometimes separately but no matter where we go it's always a good time.

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