And The Thunder Rolled…

The weather has been what the locals call…Hinky.  One day it’s 64 degrees and the next it’s 28 degrees.  Weird and yet at times exciting.  I’ve always loved a good rainstorm.

IMG_6871 (400x300)

A storm was brewing the other day and I was all…yeah I love me some storms.

IMG_6874 (400x300)
It was my turn to drive and I have not problem driving in the rain.  Maybe I’m okay with rain and snow on the ground because…well I’m already dead and all.

IMG_6875 (400x300)

Twice I had to tell the back seat drivers to shut it because next time I will tell them to walk home.  Then the sky got darker.

IMG_6876 (400x300) IMG_6878 (400x300) IMG_6880 (400x300)
Everyone always asks me if I am afraid of lightning and to tell you the truth I used to be a little skittish when we had lightning storms but now I’m totally okay with them.  I like to watch them with Bjorn like we used to do back in Germany when he’d come for a visit.  Ah good times 🙂


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