Elven Tragedy Averted

Thad who is new to our group suffered a fall and broke his ankle.  He only arrived two weeks ago!

IMG_1955 (400x300)

We were all terribly concerned for him so we brought in an expert.  Dr. Spock gave him the once over and determined the leg could be saved!  I was concerned that Dr. Spock is a PhD not a MD but all seemed to think it was okay.

IMG_1958 (300x400)

Thad was up standing almost immediately which was a good sign.

IMG_1961 (400x300)

Homie and Jasper who also took a tumble at the same time were glad their delicate friend is going to be a-okay!  Everyone rejoiced and had cookies and milk…which are Thad’s favorite 🙂

Who knew being an Elf was so dangerous!


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