The Elves Enjoy Autumn

IMG_3626 (400x297)

Autumn on the Schuylkill River.

IMG_3597 (400x300)

It really is true what John Keats wrote…’A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever’.

IMG_3747 (400x300)

When I was being a garden Gnome I would sit in my spot and watch the seasons fold one onto the other.

IMG_3715 (400x298)

Each of the seasons brings something beautiful with it but for me the Autumn is most compelling.

IMG_3719 (400x287)

Thad has liked our Fall adventures as much as I have and as it comes to a close we wonder what Winter will bring as far as colors.  People think of only white snow but it has been my experience there are plenty of colors to contrast the starkness of the white snow.

IMG_3775 (400x300)

I hope you take a second to enjoy the last visage of Autumn before Winter gives us a sneak preview of what she has to offer.


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