It’s Christmas Time!

The Roomie had that unfortunate Christmas Tree debacle last year where they wrestled and the Christmas Tree won and then suffered a career ending injury.  So this year she got a new tree that is very much like the old one.  Started out like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree and turned into a Festivus miracle!

IMG_4771 (300x400)

This year’s tree topper is a snowman.  2013 appears to be the year of the Snowman…I like it!

IMG_4777 (400x300)

Hey…look…there is another one!

IMG_4776 (400x300)

Even though I’m not a “Santa” Elf I sure do look good glowing in lights!

IMG_4778 (300x400)

Being an elf one must be creative when trying to hang lights.  It’s like being McGuyver sometimes but I nailed the lights over the door.  They all work and more importantly I had a festive and jolly time decorating with the Roomies.  Good time had by all!


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