Bjorn’s Sick And We are All Sad

So Bjorn went to have some pictures taken today of the rainstorm we had.  He was waiting his turn and no one had noticed but his nose had broken off.


He was smiling that big grin he has but when we told him his nose fell off he wasn’t smiling much anymore.
We found his nose thank goodness and he is currently having it repaired.  Bjorn will look different but he’s a
strong little Troll and has survived broken arms and bangs and dents in the past.

The gang is all concerned but with his active adventurer’s lifestyle it was bound to happen.  He’s not giving up his
adventures.  He’ll be on bed rest a will probably have a couple of surgeries but will be back soon.

In the meantime the group will fill in and keep the adventures going.

Please keep Bjorn in your thoughts.

The Roommate


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