The Leaves Are Changing – Halloweenie Edition

We are all very excited it’s finally our time of year!  Halloween is on the countdown with 6 days to go and then, Hector showed up!

The temps keep fighting summer.  Today it finally got cool again.  This back and forth is driving the Roomie crazy.  She likes it cold, lol.  We were just thrilled to be outside today.

Everyone wanted their pictures taken, just look at those smile 🙂

It was really good time.  We are all looking forward to some more outdoor adventures.  The trees should be turning a little bit brighter soon.  This part of Autumn goes by so quickly.

Hector has easily made a home here with us.  He’s a funny and bony dude!  Until our next adventure…Halloweenies signing out!


The Halloweenies are getting all Halloweenied

Our little group of Halloweenies have been having so much fun like they are from Halloween Town.  So it was only appropriate that we all watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Brody loves that Oogie Boogie but Melvin is more about Lock, Stock and Barrel.  No need to guess who Elliott’s favorite is, lol.  Carol…she just loves them all.

Johnny’s got a song to sing, lol.

Autumn in the Forest

Not far from my American Home we have a forest that is actually a park.  To me it’s still a Forest…you know…trees and all.  Today’s Autumnal journey takes me to the Wissahickon CreekFairmount Park in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania.

SAM_4959 (400x300)

What is so great about Fairmount is the size of it.  It’s huge and filled with everything from history to natural beauty.

SAM_4941 (400x300)

You can see how beautiful it is from my pictures but this is only a taste of what there is to see.   We only spent 20 minutes here today and it was amazing.

SAM_4957 (400x300)

Even though it was raining today it only stood to enhance colorful landscape.  This is the beauty of my American Home.

Happy Autumn!

I can never tell when Peak Leaf Season is happening.  Sometimes I’m too early sometimes too late.   Not sure about today but I think our outing today hit it somewhere in the middle.

SAM_4912 (400x300)

The air is crisp and the colors were bursting!

SAM_4886 (400x300)

Halloween is just a few days away.  I can’t wait.  As a World Traveling Troll I love to experience local culture.

SAM_4872 (300x400)

Since I moved here 11 years ago I’ve found that Autumn is also my favorite time of year.  The smells in the air, the cool crisp air and the frolicking and running amok.  Who wouldn’t love this time of year?

SAM_4885 (400x300)

I hope you get to take time to enjoy Autumn too!

Oh Hey Bjorn!

Got to hang out with my Cousin Bjorn today.  He’s loving retirement.

He’s been sleeping until noon and stuff like that.  We were talking about getting the old gang together for a hootenanny.  We haven’t had one in so long.

Photo time in front of Bean’s Haunted town.  Very cool.  It even makes scary screams and thunks in the night and is complete with lightening!

It was a good night hanging with the old cousin and I can’t wait to do it again soon!

Another Bjorn-a-licious Weekend

I hung out with Bean and The Roomie this weekend.  They took me to a Halloween thingy.  Someone told me my costume was amazing.  Um Rude much.  I digress.
We had a lot of fun and as you can see below the kid who jumped in my photo was digging me too!


Without my smiling face...

Bringing Joy to the Masses!

It was an awesome weekend!


The Scarecrow and the Geek

Before I start my post that Geek I live with asked me to pimp out her newest blog of all blogginess.  So without any adieu even if I try really hard…here it is…Blue Sign America.

One of my weekend adventures was a Scarecrow Festival at Morris Arboretum.

You know I love this place because certain places there remind me of being home on the Fjords.  Like this one…

Can you find me?  This shot is really the flavor of my blog…’Where’s Bjorn’.  Have you found me yet…I’ll give you a hint.  I’m right over there.

I got to see lots of Scarecrows…you know because it was like, you know the theme of the day at the Arboretum.  Here are some of the highlights.

This is may favorite time of the year because I get got spend lots of time running a muck in the forest!  I’ve got lots more to show you from the Arboretum so y’all come back ya hear!