A Time For Giving Thanks

Ah Thanksgiving!!!  I love this Holiday because it’s a day of tasty goodness!

IMG_4742 (400x300)

IMG_4741 (400x300)

Me and the Pilgrim!

IMG_4743 (300x400)

Turkeys everywhere 🙂

IMG_4751 (400x300)

IMG_4665 (300x400)
IMG_4662 (400x300)

I had a lot of fun with the Roomies.  I can’t believe Christmas is in 23 day…yikes!


I’m Green and Wicked

The girls took me to see Wicked yesterday and let me tell you I LOVED it!!!

20130728_123014 (400x300)

It was awesome to see the Heroine was Green…Like me 🙂

IMG_0275 (400x300)

The music was amazing.  We listened to the soundtrack in the car on the way to the theater but there is something to be said for the live action of the musical.

IMG_0282 (400x300)

I had so much fun and was still cheering on Elphaba at the end!  I totally love her!!!  Do you think she would marry me?

We Shall Take To The Gardens Friends

On Saturday the Roomie, her MIL and Bean took us to Longwood Gardens.

IMG_8764 (400x300)

The flowers were exquisite.

IMG_8939 (400x300)

I had a great time hanging out with Shamy too.  They are more fun than they look.

IMG_8779 (400x300)

Look they almost held hands under the Wisteria Tree.

20130518_150907 (400x300)

The gardens are on 1077 acres of land once owned by Pierre DuPont who was a great champion of Horticultural causes.

IMG_8897 (400x300)

He began Longwood Gardens with the purchase of Pierce Woods that was originally slated for demolition but he purchased the land and it’s trees to conserve the vast collection of trees planted by the Pierce family.

IMG_8979 (400x300)

So many beautiful flowers and plants.  The orchids are a prized collection.  So if you are in town for a visit…they’d love to see you there!

The Sun Came Out…Time To Play

We went to the Arboretum this weekend for some nature and fresh air.

IMG_7503 (400x300)

There were “Big Bugs” that I had to keep my eye on.  Freaky right?

IMG_7523 (400x300)

Beautiful spring flowers.  These were my favorite.

IMG_7554 (400x300)

Bjorn thinks purple is his signature color…I’m not sold on it.

IMG_7556 (400x300)

It was just a beautiful weekend with friends and perfect weather.  Good times had by all!

Bjorn and Teddy Go To Baltimore Inner Harbor

Bjorn and I went to Baltimore Inner Harbor this weekend with the Roomies.  It was pretty cool!

We went to the Aquarium...Jellie Fish are cool.

We went to the Aquarium…Jellie Fish are cool.

...But not as cool as dolphins.

…But not as cool as dolphins.

IMG_7359 (300x400) IMG_7356 (400x300)

I love this picture of me..I'm one handsome dude!

I love this picture of me..I’m one handsome dude!

IMG_7354 (400x300) IMG_7352 (300x400) IMG_7351 (400x300) IMG_7336 (400x300)

Bjorn looks stoned in this picture...he wasn't...he just looks it.

Bjorn looks stoned in this picture…he wasn’t…he just looks it.

That is one Giant Crab.

That is one Giant Crab.

I'm okay, I'm okay...it won't try to eat me.

I’m okay, I’m okay…it won’t try to eat me.

Bjorn yelled..."Take my picture with the naked vegetable chick"!

Bjorn yelled…”Take my picture with the naked vegetable chick”!

IMG_7264 (300x400)

Taxi..Hey Taxi!!! Sometimes you need a tall guy to get a cab!

IMG_7262 (400x300)

Run Forrest Run!

IMG_7291 (400x300) IMG_7269 (400x300)

Bjorn totally hated this photo-op...me...I thought it was hysterical!

Bjorn totally hated this photo-op…me…I thought it was hysterical!

IMG_7247 (300x400) IMG_7242 (400x300) IMG_7239 (400x300) IMG_7234 (400x300)
We had so much fun.  I can’t wait for our next Weekend Adventure!

A Trip To California – First Stop Chicago

We all went to California last week.  And by all I mean The Roomies, Me, Kick, Jimmy and Eddie.  We left the menagerie home and they weren’t happy.  Hey we got them souvenirs.

Heading out-of-town

The guys wanted me to bless the plane. I didn’t have any Holy Water so I used Holy Vodka. What?!? It’s clear!

The trip wasn’t exactly first class for us.  The Roomies had it sweet with their nice comfy seats.

We had a layover in Chicago and their airport is entertaining.  Look it’s the Blues Brothers!!! Dudes!

Ah…My Boys!

I wanted to talk to the pilot but apparently that kind of thing is frowned upon.  Very uncool.

And then we arrived at LAX…