A Night On The Town

A Couple of us went out to dinner the other night with the Roomie, Bean, George Clooney and his friend Jack to the Iron Hill Brewery.  It was nice.  We had 7:30pm reservations and it was the first time I ever remember not waiting one second to be seated.  Any other place I’ve had reservations I still had to wait.  It was pretty stinking awesome!  The food was quite tasty.  It was a good evening out.

Sister Mary Kickurass (we call her Kick) was funny in her picture because the Lord apparently is with her and makes her glow like a nuclear reactor, lol.

I love Hogsmead…um…The Hill so I had some snaps of me just you know…enjoying the sights…Hey…Look a cake…

Funny thing is its not my birthday.  Maybe it’s the lady over there’s birthday.

Kick is just showing off now.  Here she is glowing with the Holy Spirit.  I personally think she’s glowing from all that beer she drank!!

All in all a great evening with friends and radiating roommates.


The One Where Alistair Plays In The Snow

First snow of 2012 hit our town.  It wasn’t a bad snow as far as snow totals go but it was enough snow to frolic in…and I heart frolicking 😉

Not everyone in our house is a fan of the cold and snow so I hung out with Willow.  She loves it outside and it’s really difficult to get her inside if it snows.

The snow was pretty and it started to melt quickly once the rains came so it was nice to get that little amount of time playing in it.

Next time I want to build a Troll Snowman!

The Holiday Season: The Alistair Report

Our gang of wacky Trolls, Fairies, Gnomes, Witches and the occasional nun increased by one this Holiday season.  Phineas Flannery joined our band of explorers.  I’m not sure how much exploring he actually got done because when I left Finn on NYE he looked drunk and was sitting ON the bar.

Phineas Flannery...Drunkin' Fairy

We had a blast and Finn is getting to know all of the Gang.  He was exceptional at playing Just Dance 3.  That Fairy’s got moves!

Christmas was pretty awesome this year.  Bjorn’s having so much fun in Moosic that he just texts us to tell us he’s having fun.  I went with the Roomie and Ephinany to a place called Shady Brook to see the Christmas lights…dude it was off the hook!

I’ve never seen so many lights.  Except on Clark W. Griswold’s house of course!

Christmas was quite magical.  The only thing I wished was that it didn’t go by so quickly!

Tis The Season…Trolls and Trains and Christmas

I went out with the Roomie and Bean this weekend to the Arboretum for some good old fashion Christmas Trains!  The Roomie loves trains and come to think of it so do I!

There is something about Trains that makes Christmas more Christmasy…if that’s possible.

We walked along the paths and enjoyed a beautiful autumn day.

It reminds me of the woods where I grew up.  It was a great time.  It’s always a great time when it is sunny, warmer and I’m outside 😉