Happy Star Wars Day!

Yeah, I know it’s a day early but I will be drunk all weekend so…

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone!



Summer of Barry – A Movie Under The Stars

Our local community hosts these Outdoor Movie Nights at various venues/parks around the area.  Last night we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark at Hope Lodge.  It was a perfect night.  Popcorn was tasty, movie was a classic and the temperature was in the low 70’s.  The stars were shining over head too.

Jenny enjoyed it too.  She’s been wanting to do this for some time now but being a Super Hero is very time-consuming and exhausting.  It was a nice break for her.  So far, the Summer of Barry has been excellent!

Hmm…This Doesn’t Seem Right?


This isn’t the Batmobile!  Where is my car?


Remember when you said you were thinking of upgrading?  I got this loaner for you try out.  Nice, right?


No and why does this car look familiar?


It’s the Mach 5.  It’s got cool buttons and stuff and look at me…I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!!  Okay…the Batmobile is in Alfred’s shop.  I forgot it’s a diesel…sorry.


So I’m stuck with the Mach 5 until the Batmobile is fixed?  Is that what you are saying?


Yup…that’s what Rob was saying.  Do you know how many people stare at you when you go to the food store in a Mach 5? Or maybe it’s me dressed like a blue bat…either way I’m the most popular person in Gotham City!

Eddie & Jimmy – Life Styles of Super Heroes – The Batman Addition

Who doesn’t love a Super Hero?  When I got the opportunity to break-in visit the Bat Cave I thought about other Super Heroes residences.  Why not visit them I said to my self.   So I did.

The Bat Cave

So this is how you get into the Bat Cave.  There is no door so Batman is all about strangers just showing up playing with his stuff.  If he didn’t want me there he would have some kind of gate or door on the Bat Cave.  Am I wrong?

The Bat Cave is a must see on the tour.  Cool stuff galore and I even tried on the Batman Costume.  Yes it’s better than the one I have at home but you know Bru…Batman has a ton of cash for this kind of thing.

I found this secret panel in the Bat Cave that took me up this super cool stripper pole that dropped me in this Library.  I couldn’t hang out too long because some old guy came in and that’s when things went crazy.

Gotham City Is Cool

When I got outside I noticed that the Bat Signal was in the sky so I headed out.  Some people are just tattle tales!

Super Hero Play Date

Baby Wonder Woman and Baby Batman have a play date.

You kids go play. And NO! weapons! Do you hear me?

How come you aren't allowed to play with weapons?

My Mom is afraid I might hurt you. You know cause you are a boy.

Um...I don't think soooooo!

Girls rule Boys drool! Had enough yet?

Give up already! It's almost lunchtime.

Are you stalking me? My Dad said I don't have to listen to you because you are the Penguin.

Bats Is Looking For His 3-Pack

Hey Dad...Do you think I'll ever have a 6-pack like yours?

Someday Sonny Boy...work hard and drink lots of Ovaltine and you too will have a 6 or maybe even 9 pack.

Dad...who is this guy?

Oh Hi...I'm Sheldor...I'm getting my picture taken with Batman...go away litle Bat Boy...I'm getting my picture taken.

Sheldor is happy 😉

Okay kid...get in the picture...maybe you'll be famous one day too and then I'll have this picture.