Leo Misses Halloween

Yes, Haloweentown is embarking on next year’s frights but Leo doesn’t live in Halloweentown.  Leo lives in the suburbs with a host of other toys.  While Leo describes himself as more decorative than a toy he is loved in the land of Ferristopia.

He is adjusting to life outside of his dedicated Holiday.  This whole Thanksgiving thing is messing him up but he said he’s game.  Hope he loves it as much as all the other Misfits do 🙂

The First Fire Pit of the Season

It finally got a little cooler in the neighborhood to have a nice fire pit.  No worries it was safe and in a safe zone.

We made S’mores and laughed and had a nice evening until the fire drew down.  It’s getting more summerish again but for those 2 days it was like autumn had come early.  Hopefully we get more of these good times again soon.  There wasn’t much laboring during the Labor Day Weekend!

Tonight…more rain.  Well at least we aren’t in a drought.

The Halloweenies Come Out Early

Yes it is only September but The Roomie has decided that this year has been a bummer for the most part.  Halloween season will last 2 months this year!

The leaves have even decided that Fall should begin early too!

Now we wait for the cooler temperatures and then it will be perfect!

It’s Halloween…Hurrah!

We began our All Hallow’s Eve with the movie “Hocus Pocus”.

Then the Roomie was all Photo shoot mode.

We then watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

So much fun had be all of us.  This is just the first half of our day. We all can’t wait to see what comes next!

The Night Before Halloween

Xan was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on Mischief Night.

The Halloweenies are excited for the Big Day Tomorrow.  I think even more than The Roomie…if that’s even possible, lol.

Pablo was frightened by some of the Halloweenies but really…he’s much scarier.

Pablo says he may be scary looking but he’s still hot!  HA HA HA!

Less Than A Week Until Halloween

The housemates are a buzz with Halloween fast approaching.  The Roomie loves Halloween very much so the house is totally decorated.

We got outside at lunchtime today.  It is a crisp day and the colors are starting to change.

The Roomie had to be pushed into going back to work, lol.  She said, ‘it’s to perfect a day to be indoors”.

The Great Pumpkin was taking some rest time before the big day next week!

It was indeed a perfect day 🙂