Sometimes It’s Just Shark Week For No Reason

The Roomie, Linus and me were messing around and the room took pictures of us in funny situations.


Although, I’m not sure what’s funny about being eaten by a shark?


Linus looked good in his picture under the tree.


And then things got creepy again…


Mr. Pointy Ears had this ‘illogical’ photo.


Okay this one is pretty funny.  We entertained ourselves for quite a while before we got bored.  Good times people…good times!

Teddy Goes Amish

The Roomie took us to a new place this weekend.  It’s called Dutch Wonderland.  I guess Amish World was taken already, Ba dum dum!

DSCN5560 (400x300)

I was pretty stoked because everyone knows how much I like amusements!

DSCN5569 (400x300)

DSCN5564 (400x300)

This house reminds me of a house in Germany where this old hag lady lived.  Well she lived there until those nasty kids moved in next door and tried to eat her house!

DSCN5586 (400x300)

Ha Ha I’m standing not sitting!  Always the Rebel am I, ARGGGGH!

IMG_8132 (400x300)

DSCN5595 (400x300)

Check me out on the horse-drawn carriage!  I could be almost Amish.  They speak Dutch and I speak German we are practically twins!

IMG_8265 (400x300)

Dutch Wonderland isn’t just a place for Kids it’s also a great place for the unDead crowd too!  It was a really fun time!

Oh Wait…There’s The Snow!

We had hoped for snow.  The weather people went on and on about the “BIG” storm that would dump snow on our Metropolis.  I complained about the big bust of no snow yesterday.  This morning I woke up at 5:30 am to let the dogs out and it was snowing…a lot.

Oh my, it’s snowing still.  Way to cluck up the forecast weather guy.

Does this look like Partly Sunny and 47 degrees to you Teddy?

Does this look like Partly Sunny and 47 degrees to you Teddy?

No It does not Linus.

No It does not Linus.

I didn’t know the weather would continue to be snowy this morning so I chose the wrong car to drive to work.

If it doesn’t stop soon driving home in the Vette is going to be interesting!

I’ve totally decided on a new profession.  I’m going to be a weather man and get lots of money for always been wrong.  That will be later…right now I have to go to the store and get the last loaf of bread and some milk!

Seriously? Where The Heck Is My Snow?!?

All day yesterday on the television and radio they droned on about how much snow we would get out of the system that was approaching our metropolis.

IMG_6943 (400x300)
First they were saying 0″ to 12″ (yeah I don’t get it either?).  This was followed by 3-5″ then 2-4″ then 1-3″ and I gave up.

IMG_6944 (400x300)
Yes we got some rain but they barely spoke about it.  It was all about the snow…Look over there…clouds, it’s cold but do you see any snowflakes?

IMG_6945 (300x400)
I’m here to tell you that I want those 8 hours you had me stoked up about the snow back.  The sledding that was to be had and the snow forts that should have been built!

Um Linus, can we get out of here?  It reminds too much of the place I was before I was created.  It's creeping me out man!

Um Linus, can we get out of here? It reminds too much of the place I was before I was created. It’s creeping me out man!

I’ve got to build a bridge and get over my disappointment.  I saw some ice cream on the bottom shelf of the freezer…I’ll drown my sorrows in that 😦