Dahling…It’s Raining Again

Dahling all it’s done since I arrived has rained and rained.

I’ve been thinking of turning Elastic Girl into a large umbrella.  He He He…should wouldn’t like me doing that…so I will.

I have noticed though, I’m as beautiful as these purple flowers.  You are welcome internet to share in my beauty.

In other news, Little Frankie has entered a Father Guido Sarducci contest.  He feels that he will totally win!

Kick and Sarah McLachlan

We had a Girls Night Out on Sunday to see Sarah McLachlan in concert in AC.  That’s Atlantic City for y’all!  I’ve always been tied down doing the Lord’s work and haven’t been able to go see her in the past.  But this time it was on a Sunday so I was able to attend at the Beer Pong Tournament and still get a couple of hours sleep on Sunday Morning.  The Lord works in AMAZING ways 😉

Me at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ.


Me tormenting Bjorn because it was a girls only night with Sarah and he’s not a girl!

Yes…hold it right there…this picture is perfect. Bjorn never looked so good.

It was an awesome night!

California Dreamin’ – Then We Came Home

Flying is something that I think only Kick’s got a handle one.  You know cause nuns are always flying.

I'm in cue and ready to board...I have no idea where everyone else is?

Is that our plane Eddie?
Yes Jimmy that is our plane
I thought it would be bigger

Seat Belts Fastened...

Safety Instructions...done...lets drink!

Bye Bye California Dreamin'

I finished my book and had a nap.  It was a very good trip my friends.  If you get to California…Tell everyone on Hollywood Blvd. Bjorn says hi!!!