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Everything is Orange or Beige

Today was a grey day with an orangey hue.


Vinny got to do some painting.  It was grey but not rainy at the moment so he was kind of happy about that.


Melvin mostly gets out in the autumn months but he said that this winter is more like October than January.



Bern is feeling the awesomeness of a day well spent outside and at the Morris Arboretum!

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Hangovers and Pictures

A couple of us went to the bi-yearly outdoors fun festival in Hogsmead and hijinks ensued.

I find it interesting that everyone is taken in by those giant Bees…Hello I’m a semi-famous Alligator!
Uh Eddie…I thought we were going to get a cocktail?
Smile boys!
Jimmy…I’ve got a hangover…take the dang picture already!!!

By the time Jimmy got this picture of Eddie he was 1/2 tanked.  The boys all had fun and Albie got to see a giant bee do situps…good times 😉

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California Dreamin’ – Then We Came Home

Flying is something that I think only Kick’s got a handle one.  You know cause nuns are always flying.

I'm in cue and ready to board...I have no idea where everyone else is?
Is that our plane Eddie?
Yes Jimmy that is our plane
I thought it would be bigger
Seat Belts Fastened...
Safety Instructions...done...lets drink!
Bye Bye California Dreamin'

I finished my book and had a nap.  It was a very good trip my friends.  If you get to California…Tell everyone on Hollywood Blvd. Bjorn says hi!!!