It’s Weird That It’s Thursday

When a Holiday turns into a couple of days off it’s great.  But it also messes with knowing what day it is in the week, lol.

When we went out at lunchtime today I realized it was actually Thursday, not Tuesday.  Weird, right?


Thanksgiving Dinner Was A Success!

It was a Gnomelicous Thanksgiving this year!

Black Friday wasn’t a shopping day.  It was a cookie making day.  More especially it was a cookie eating day.

It was a very nice long weekend with family 🙂

Another Beautiful Sunset

We think this will be the Winter of Sunsets.  Last night was another great one!

Piper is loving the “fire in the sky” as she calls it.

Chipper was just glad to get outside yesterday.  It got cold and The Roomie was like…um, no, lol.

The New Guy – Poe the Gnome

Edgar and Allan have a new friend to complete their triangle.  His name is Poe.

Poe came from the Wood Craft Fair this passed weekend.  While The Roomie was walking around with him everyone commented how cute and then how he is so soft.

This is was the table he came from.  There were so many others to be adopted but The Roomie could only choose one.  Poe practically jumped off the table.

Allan came from a Craft Fair too.  He was excited to come to live at the house.