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Bye 2020, No One Will Miss You

We are all thrilled that 2020 is almost gone. It won’t make Covid go away but there is more hope in the start of the new decade. 2021 brings hope on many levels.

The whole House of Misfit Toys are hoping to have outside adventures more often.  We are lucky to get to the Arboretum and other outside places.  We hope to one day soon be able to attend inside adventures again.

Everyone including The Roomies are a little stir crazy after almost a year of Sheltering.  So here is to the New Year!  Here is to Peace in our land.  Here is to Covid being neutralized and to possible adventures again.

We hope you like the new look for 2021!

Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!

The Sunset

One good thing this year has been the Sunsets.  Last night’s was no exception!


Christmas 2020

Only 3 days until Christmas 2020.  This year is much quieter than previous Christmas’. 

We loved the Christmas Story town lights display.  Always a good time.

On behalf of the Entire Misfit Toys Island Ferris Smurf wants to wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with Hope!

And if you don’t celebrate Christmas…

The Misfits want to wish you all a wonderful and happy Friday!!!!

Old Vacation Photos

Luke on Endor.

Gordo in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

And who can forget Johnny Bananas vacation on Tortola.  It was crazy and off the hook…Captain Hook, lol.

The First Fire Pit of the Season

It finally got a little cooler in the neighborhood to have a nice fire pit.  No worries it was safe and in a safe zone.

We made S’mores and laughed and had a nice evening until the fire drew down.  It’s getting more summerish again but for those 2 days it was like autumn had come early.  Hopefully we get more of these good times again soon.  There wasn’t much laboring during the Labor Day Weekend!

Tonight…more rain.  Well at least we aren’t in a drought.

All About The Clouds

The Roomie has been into cloud watching recently.  We really aren’t sure why this is now a thing for her, lol.

Signe thinks they are neat too.  She wishes it was colder and snowy but other than that the clouds are cool.  Since Homie used to live outside in a garden in bad weather and all he’s just into looking at them and then sleeping in a nice comfy bed at night out of the elements.

Gordo’s favorite…definitely the storm clouds.  We’ve had quite a few of these lately.  Hurricane Laura brought us clouds and rain over a couple of days.  Any way you look at it, the clouds are like sky art 🙂

Peter’s Friends

The Roomie loves this movie.  We just love the photo shoots, lol.

And just like that we felt like one of Peter’s Friends, lol.

Another Rainy Day

Homie doesn’t really care it’s raining again.  It’s been a while since he’s been outside.

Home drove to work this morning and thought the clouds looked cool so we took some pictures.

It’s at least cooler than it had been.  So YAY!  Well off to make the donuts!


Having a Dance Break!

The Dark Lord tried to dance too but he sucked at it.  It’s because he’s a grouch!

Summer Is…Hot

The Roomie is convinced that the people who actually like Summer all live near the ocean, lol.

Sunny, hot and very humid.  It’s too hot though.

Weather Dudes are calling for scattered thunder storms with the potential for heavy rains.  Well isn’t that fun.  Keep dry peoples!