The Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle

This weekend we all went to the Mercer Museum and Henry Chapman Mercer’s home Fontill Castle.

So much history in two amazing locations.

The Museum itself houses thousands of items that represent the trades of the by-gone era.  The Tanner’s tools, Coaches/Toll Roads and they even have a Gallows on the top floor in the Crime and Punishment exhibit.

Fonthill Castle was the home built and designed by Henry Mercer for himself.  It showcases his tile and stone collections from round the world.  There are many oddities and tiles that depict stories like those of Charles Dickens and the travels of Columbus.

His home at the time was a Castle but with Modern conveniences like central heating, bell systems and electricity.

A really neat please to explore.


Later Sunsets – Yay!

We have more daylight these days which we all love.  This was our sunset after the storm had finally let up.

Pretty soon we will be able to do some things in the daylight after 5pm, lol.

This Rain Is Getting Stupid

It’s winter time.  We’ve been having a lot of rain since last year but what we need right now is snow.  The ground is cold for the most part so the rain isn’t being absorbed 😦

We are all ready for a break in the rain I think.

It’s Weird That It’s Thursday

When a Holiday turns into a couple of days off it’s great.  But it also messes with knowing what day it is in the week, lol.

When we went out at lunchtime today I realized it was actually Thursday, not Tuesday.  Weird, right?